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This week I learn about Google Analytics!

This falls under the “Look! Something shiny!” category since I was asked at work to “generate a social media report to show how our website is used.” Should I point out that those are two separate things?

Certainly, you can see how your social media feeds into your website and see how you’re doing on FB and Twitter but then ask for a report showing Social Media AND Website analytics.

Of course, the question really is “What do you want to know?” Are interested in number of web donations? Are you interested in how many people respond to an email ask for donations? Who’s responding to FB posts? What kind of posts perform best? Why is no one buying tickets to our Gala? All of those are relevant things to figure out BEFORE you ask for a report. ‘Cause, honestly, I can razzle-dazzle you with PowerPoint presentations and pretty charts and graphs that will look great and mean nothing.

So I turned to trusty old Lynda.com for this training: Google Analytics Essential Training It only partially melted my brain. I did learn some new tricks on how to set it up on the multiple sites I “manage” and how to track some specific actions. I can always get to the mechanics of it, it’s the analysis¬† – the what does this all mean – part that I get hung up on.

I’m hoping this guy can help: Occam’s Razor: Web Analytics Demystified otherwise I might need a razor.

And there’s always the non-profit perspective: 5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know or this one How a Nonprofit Website Can Best Use Google Analytics

And then I stumbled upon this link (our tax dollars at work): Creating Awesome Web Analytics Reports and Presentations It has pretty pictures and videos and stuff to download. My favorite!