SNL is rocking my world!

I admit it. I’m getting too old for late night TV. For crissakes I DVR Jimmy Fallon. So it’s rare that I stay up for SNL even anymore. That is unless my secret crush Anna Kendrick is on. What a kick ass nearly all musical episode! Seriously, how did they get Disney to let them parody so much of their stuff!

So not only did it increase my crush level on Anna – a Tony and Oscar nominated actress mind you – it reminded me just how kick ass the women of SNL are these days.

Kate. Fucking. Makinnon.

Need I say more. Her impersonations are so spot on. While I had to use the comparison to a man…she’s a lot like Jim Carrey in her fearlessness for comedy. She takes risks and she wins.

Thanks to BuzzFeed for putting it all in one place:

But they did leave out her ridiculously amazing Justin Bieber impression. (Starts at 4:02)